Digital Learning Center

An engaging learning experience

One of the biggest challenges that talent developers face today is how to engage with learners. To succeed, you must move people from “I need to learn” to “I want to learn”. Engagement is an important ingredient, but as we are talking about adult learners, content needs to be relevant for their jobs and learning must be easy to access anywhere, anytime and across multiple devices.

From inspiration to assessment

o help people to succeed and enjoy a positive learning experience, our solutions are designed to foster engagement, effectiveness and retention.

Our digital learning solutions, from single on-line modules to 6-month paths, include a balanced combination of elements and formats to:

  • Inspire learners
  • Empower them to improve their skills
  • Enhance retention
  • Support implementation
  • Allow self-assessment

The benefit of our solution

The Digital Learning Center offers three key elements:

  • We have 60 years of experience in training. Our focus has always been on «building skills» and «putting into practice». This has also led to an understanding of how to work with professionals of all ages to help them achieve the desired change. We apply this knowledge in our learning solutions.
  • We know how to build and deliver solutions that are engaging in terms of both learning format and their use of advanced technology.
  • We know how salespeople think – we know their challenges and what makes them tick. This helps us to create relevant content and realistic scenarios.

Integrated solution for Digital Learning

  • A modern and attractive, high performance LMS (Learning Management System) platform to create commitment toward the project and share content with learners. Companies who don’t have their own LMS, can use ours to create an effective and involving digital learning experience. Companies who have their own LMS can integrate it with ours to improve the digital learning experience, e.g. if their current platform doesn’t offer gamification or social activities.
  • A dedicated team who develop customized e-learning solutions that provide customer-specific content specific to the unique requirements of the learner. Solutions can be developed from scratch to respond to specific customer needs or different levels of customization can be added to Mercuri off-the-shelf contents .
  • Off-the-shelf content, perfect for providing a common level of knowledge and skills for all learners. The content is ready to use and the ideal solution for a small group of learners.


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