Board of Directors

Henrik Blomquist

Henrik Blomquist, Chairman of the Board

Board Member since year: 2015

Chairman since: 2016

Education: Economic studies, Stockholm University

Work experience: Current position CEO at Bure Equity AB. Experience of investment operations and corporate development.

Board assignments: Chairman of Investment AB Bure and Cavena Image Products AB, Board member of MedCap AB, Bure Financial Services AB.

Eva Gidlöf

Eva Gidlöf 

Board Member since year: 2014

Education: Bachelor of Social Science, Uppsala University

Work Experience: Capgemini Group 1980-2001, a wide range of positions in consulting, sales, education and leadership. Last position as CEO for Sweden. Vice President and member of Nordic leadership team 1997-2001. Inveritas 2002-2004, management consultant and Board Director. Bankgirot AB 2004-2008, CEO during deregulation of EU payment area. Tieto Corporation 2008-2013, Executive Vice President and member of the Corporate Leadership team, responsible for Scandinavia and more.Current positions professional Board Director and Business Advisor in own company.

Board assignments: Other current assignments in addition to Mercuri International are Uniflex AB, SBC AB, Metria AB (Chairman), FörsäkringsGirot AB (Chairman), Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, International Womens Forum Sweden.

Patrick Ståle

Patrick Ståhle

Board Member since year: 2011

Education: Officer Navy/Pilot/Management

Work Experience: 10 years as Helicopter Pilot 1975-1985, Consultant at Mercuri International 1985-1988, CEO Credit management company, CEO Ad agencies, CEO eLearning company, CEO Media Agency Network in Nordic and Asia 2002-2010.

Board assignments: Samsari ACT GroupAB (Chairman/CEO), Yomento Management AB (Chairman), Sparklitech (Board member), NCS Colour AB (Chairman), Expressions of Humankind Foundation (Chairman).

Ken Skoog

Board Member since year: 2019

Education:  Masters Degree in Economics, Stockholm University

Work Experience: Founder and CEO Stracton AB, Business advisor, Lecturer and Executive coach. Partner of Top of Heart AB. Various management positions, Sales director, CEO, Head of Growth and Interim start-up manager, within Wise Group a large HR company listed on Nasdaq.   

Board assignments: Other current assignments in addition to Mercuri. Wise Group AB, listed on Nasdaq.

Juan Vallejo Board member

Juan Vallejo

Board Member since year: 2016

Education: Master of Science, Royal Technical University, KTH Stockholm

Work Experience: Securitas Group a wide range of positions 1990-2006, President Securitas Portugal 1990-1992, Regional President Iberia and President Securitas Spain 1992-1997, President Securitas Sweden 1997-2000, Director Nordic Operations 2000-2001, Divisional President Securitas Systems 2001-2006, President and CEO Niscayah Group AB 2006-2010, CEO Imtech Nordic AB 2011-2014.

Board assignments: Other current assignments in addition to Mercuri International are ITS Energy Group AB (Chairman), Coromatic Group AB (Board member), Qmatic Group AB (Board member), Elajo Invest AB (Board member).