Sales training

We deliver innovative learning solutions specifically tailored to your needs, helping you build successful sales teams and grow your business.

Whether it’s standard off-the-shelf or customized, learner-driven or led by our experienced trainers – we create advanced innovative learning solutions, specifically tailored to your needs.


We assess both the current business position and advise on what is needed to achieve success – ensuring continuous measurements.

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We can help you redesign your existing content or create brand new materials – either modular or customer built from the ground up.


Whether face-to-face or virtual, one-off workshops or continuous learning, our training is delivered in a format that works around your business day.


We stand by your side to help you put your new skills into practice on the ground. We’re focused on providing real-world sustainable sales growth for your organization.

Training without limits

Mercuri International offers a uniquely flexible approach which includes a next generation learning platform, a comprehensive off-the-shelf content library, and engaging customized content. With our integrated learning experience, you get a cost and time efficient way of learning. It easily integrates into your existing tools to simplify the end-user’s experience.

International sales training

Together, we make your business units obtain the necessary competencies to make your international strategies succeed. We know the importance of establishing and aligning sales strategies and processes and ensuring a common sales philosophy and culture worldwide – all to create value for your customers. Generating growth on a global basis takes more than just good intentions…

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