Business Simulations

Train your people to make the right decisions to improve business performance

By creating life-like situations, the simulations create a challenging and compelling learning event which test the decision making within your sales teams. The sales situations are specifically tailored to reflect a typical sales scenario in the world of your sales people. This enables you to test the instinctive response to changing situations and help each individual to develop the ideal response.

Business simulations address the specific issues facing you and your sales team:

  • Purchasing efficiency improvement
  • Margin management
  • Category management
  • Sales organization optimization
  • Key account management

The applications are extremely flexible and can be tailored to reflect every key component of your sales process. This produces sales training which is entertaining and highly educational at the same time. Business simulations are extremely cost effective (involving up to 20 participants at a time) and their practical focus ensures significant return on investment.

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