Value Based Selling is all about understanding your customer’s needs, developing the perfect solution - and only then showing it. It’s about selling on value, not price - giving you an edge in an increasingly competitive market


Value Based Selling is changing - now, more than ever, we need to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes. What do they really need or want? How do they perceive value? How can a better understanding of VBS help us connect with them? We dive in…

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Change the way you sell

Customers now expect more than just a great product - they expect solutions to their business challenges. Mercuri International’s Jenny Rahm explains how Value Based Selling can help your sales teams stay competitive and relevant in an increasingly demanding marketplace. Here’s why you need it - now.

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The benefits of Value Based Selling

Moving from a product-centric to customer-centric sales model has a number of benefits, both in terms of short term revenue generation and long term growth.

Increase in conversion rates

When you understand your customer’s needs, it’s that much easier to move towards closing the sale.

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Sell at higher prices

Demonstrating the total value of a product lets you charge a premium - rather than just undercutting the competition.

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Build long-term relationships

Knowing your customer is key to developing meaningful relationships - the basis for long term success.

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The e-book: “For what it’s worth” - What does ‘value’ mean in 2022?

We all know what the ‘v’ stands for in VBS - but how does a customer actually perceive ‘value’ in 2022? And is it time to look again at the way we’re selling?

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Case Study

This is just one of many companies who have noticed measurable sales improvements with Mercuri International VBS training. This is how company’s Electrification Academy used Value Based Selling to revolutionize employee performance.

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Mercuri’s Value Based Selling

Want a quick overview of exactly how we apply Value Based Selling training? Our product sheet gives you the details you need.

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The VBS Customer Value Checklist

With Value Based Selling it can be hard to know where to start - so why not download our ‘at a glance’ checklist to providing real customer value?

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VBS by the numbers

Just why is Value Based Selling so critical to building long term business growth? View the infographic to find out.

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It's time to start selling value

What’s the Mercuri difference?

Mercuri International are the sales performance experts who enable sales excellence through people and process development. We offer customized solutions to increase sales results and achieve sales excellence for our clients.

Mercuri's VBS training


Whatever size of business and wherever you are in your sales development journey, Mercuri International has a solution just for you.

Our tried and tested training solutions are the perfect place to start for a wide range of customer requirements.

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  • Easy to access
  • Effective team upskilling
  • Exclusive and varied learning content

Need a training package tailored to your specific needs? We can provide customer solutions built around you.

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  • Based on your needs
  • Flexible
  • Customized content & scenarios

Not sure what step to take first? Our consultants can bring their extensive experience and expertise to your assistance.

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  • Sales & change management
  • Sales processes
  • Sales strategies

The ultimate guide to VBS

We’ve gathered together a range of resources, all designed to help you understand and get the very most from Value Based Selling.

Why is value-based selling so important?

Why is Value Based Selling so critical to transforming sales? We explore the trend towards a customer-centric business model.

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What’s the top trend in sales? We explore the changing nature of ‘value’

‘Customer Value Orientation’ is this year’s top trend - we explore the changing nature of value and what it means for sales.

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What is value creation in sales?

What do we mean by ‘value creation’ in sales? We take a look at how to move from being a product expert to a customer expert.

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