Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

This complex and competitive sector has unique challenges. Mercuri International works with major sector players to build practical and powerful Sales and Sales Management solutions which provide better sales results.

Our solutions:

  • Improving the efficiency of the sales process
  • Professionalizing and increasing the impact of cycle meetings
  • Improving the effectiveness of sales management support
  • Deliver the knowledge skills and methods to enhance the power of your training staff on sales and sales management topics

We support healthcare teams in:

  • Understanding the product positioning
  • Developing & implementing the product & contact strategy
  • Maximize the impact of face to face selling time
  • Enhance their credibility with key stakeholders
  • Managing effective sales campaigns in this sector
  • Managing and motivating sales teams on their way to success

In our experience, we focus on:

  • Doctors, specialists, veterinarians
  • Hospitals and healthcare institutions
  • Pharmacists and OTC drugstores
  • Buying groups, wholesalers
  • Payers, insurance companies, governments and other stakeholders

The Mercuri International Healthcare Sales Consultants have developed the expertise and methods to help increase your sales. Working with the leading Global Healthcare companies (drugs, generics, OTC, consumables, devices, equipment, services, etc) has provided us with a unique insight into efficiencies and competitive advantage needed in this marketplace.

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