The best of both worlds

With over 89% of companies having had their sales affected by the pandemic in 2020, we need to rethink what it takes to make sales techniques effective. Where once face-to-face encounters were the norm, the last couple of years have demonstrated the true potential - and limitations - of virtual interactions.


Why Hybrid Selling is the future of sales...

So how do we balance onsite and online? And which skills will we need to remain truly competitive in the years to come? We’ve gathered together insights from our recent survey of industry leaders, ‘The Hybrid Selling Report 2021’, to find out...


Want a high-level, at a glance summary of the Hybrid Selling Report? Our infographic takes the key numbers and shows the trends, the potential productivity gains, and the pitfalls.


What now?

Is hybrid selling the ‘new new normal’? What do the report’s findings tell us about the trends affecting modern sales techniques? Our blog post is a 5 minute read tackling the big questions.

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What does the report findings imply for you and your organization?

With a business environment constantly changing, there’s a big shift taking place. With the results and facts from the report laying on the table, what does hybrid selling actually mean?

Sales productivity

The future is hybrid. Sales reps can be 4 times more productive through hybrid selling. Sales is shifting away from traditional sales models – there is no way back to ineffective ways of selling.

The future way of selling

Every online meeting saves and creates time for important and carefully chosen on-site visits, make all meetings count.


Required skills of sales staff, office staff and sales managers are changing significantly.

Utilize inside sales

When using the Hybrid Selling approach, smaller accounts which has been rather neglected in the past, can now be actively managed by the internal sales force.


Are you part of tomorrow's sales team?

Based on the conclusions of our recent survey, we take a deep dive into some of the findings, exploring the implications for tomorrow’s sales teams. Just what exactly does hybrid selling mean for productivity? And what will it take to make it a success?


Make your sales team future ready...

Looking at the future state of sales, a certainty is that the future is hybrid. It’s time to upskill, providing teams with the tools they need to effectively engage with customers in the world of both online and on-site meetings. Mercuri International supports you in every step of the way in making a sustainable change within your sales team. We understand that every customer’s needs are different - and develop training that is modular and flexible, helping your teams achieve sales excellence.

Remote Selling

New technologies have considerably expanded the options for interacting with customers. Discover how to take advantage of remote selling and turn each meeting into a success.

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is definitely easier said than done, with many factors affecting the optimal way to lead. The modern workplace with growing flexibility requires an up-to-date leader and sometimes even a shift to remote working.



Mercuri International’s new ‘Hybrid Sales Report’ takes an in depth look at how the business landscape has changed over the recent, tumultuous period, interviewing industry leaders regarding their recent experiences. It examines the pros and cons of onsite versus online - and asks, “what now?”