Impact Training

Quickly improve your sales efficiency on targeted sales tasks

Companies sometimes have short-term sales issues that are not possible to address with medium term skills development plan. That’s why Impact Training exist. The aim of these two-day programs is to improve quickly the sales work in very specific areas like…

  • Sales talk, the single contact with a customer
  • Strategy, the overall work with a single customer, with several contacts during a period of time or until an order
  • Sales planning, planning of the work within a market segment i.e. for a number of customers

What makes the Impact Training so effective?

  • The training is developed based on the participants’ normal way of working and adds improvements to this. We don’t strive for big changes, but for important improvements.
  • The training is based on the knowledge and experience of the participants. This means that the training is very practical, and that it is motivating and stimulating for the participants.
  • The method is directly linked to current sales problems (products, customers etc.) and therefore gives meaningful, concrete help in the participants’ daily work.
  • The training aims at managing the concrete customer situations that the participant meets. There is a preparation to meet situations that are the same as the ones participants meet in their daily work.

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