We help our clients to increase the effectiveness of their sales processes and to guarantee the implementation of the sales strategy through skills and competence development and effective sales methods and tools. We help our clients to achieve sales excellence in:

  • Shop management
  • Shop selling skills (B2C)

The starting point to guarantee that a development project produces results is analysing where the investment will have the biggest impact. Some of the analysis tools for the Retail sector are:

MI Mystery Shopping:

  • Analysis of the shops and the sales people behaviour
  • Analysis of sales activities and sales people management efficiency

MI Retail Competence Screener:

  • Analysis of the sales competence level

Starting from the current client situation, Mercuri International uses the added value of its experience in the retail segment to define the main areas of improvement and which are the priorities. We also help our clients to design and implement concrete action plans with the support of different tools and processes to install the necessary competences and methodologies to improve the weaker areas and achieve better sales results.

MI Virtual shop™ A new way to develop Shop Management competences

Shop Managers are the key to success for a Retail company. Improving shop managers’ sales competence through the management of a virtual shop (business simulation). The development program for Shop Managers consists of:

  • Understanding the cause-effects chain to improve the sales results of the shop
  • Working on the three main challenges of the shop managers: Improving the revenue, coaching the sales staff, managing the store through KPI’s

MI Boost™ A pragmatic way to develop Sales Competences on the sales floor

Our solutions for Retail have a strong focus on pragmatism. The development programme for sales people consists of:

Do you want to know more about how Mercuri works with sales training in retail business?

  • Field Sales Training to increase the ROI
  • Focus on the two main selling situations; Relational Selling and Transactional Selling

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