Kramp Way of Selling

As a one-stop supplier of spare parts, technical services and business solutions, Kramp is the essential partner in the agricultural parts & accessories market by having a strong presence in all relevant channels for our customers. With 21 sales offices, 10 distribution centres, and 2600 employees throughout Europe Kramp ensures that their customers can always find the right spare parts, wherever they are.


The ambition is to be the first choice as a strategic partner for all its customers, and Kramp identified the following objectives to enable further development and growth of the organization:

  • Market Leadership
  • Differentiate from competition in a market with increasing price pressure and market transparency
  • Transition from product and price towards a value focused approach
  • Increase the value for customers (and Kramp) by selling added value Kramp solutions and concepts
  • Growth in all product and customer groups

As a consequence, the sales force needed to change, and start to:

  • Communicate new and different sales messages
  • Apply aligned and improved sales methods (“what to do”) and behavior (“how to do”) and become business partners with a more pro-active, strategic and customer-value focus.
  • Increase productivity

Kramp chose Mercuri as their partner to implement these changes.