The Future State of Sales

What are the trends that are shaping the future state of sales? We discover the top 10 trends that will have the greatest impact on sales and marketing in the coming years and business leaders consider most critical to stay competitive in the future.

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The future state of sales - Sales is changing faster than ever

How should we orient ourselves amongst the rapid change in the business environment? Which technologies matter? What should we invest in for the long term? And how do we prioritize and make wise decisions? It is easy to feel overwhelmed and become paralyzed by the rapidly growing volume of information. We invited business executives to be part of our research The Future State of Sales, with the aim of validating which trends are most important for their future business. More than 1,000 leaders answered our survey which gave us some very interesting results, presented in this report.

”Those who understand how to adapt to these rapid changes and turn these changes into opportunities will be the winners of the future. It's just a matter of catching them. ”

Henrik Larsson-Broman, report leader & author

Some findings in the report...

85 %...

...of business leaders say customer value orientation is critical for future success


of business leaders regard remote selling as critical for future competitiveness

75 %...

...of business leaders consider innovation of new products and services critical for business success

The future state of sales report

Our hope is that the trends we present will give you inspiration and guidance in steering your business in the right direction. By making wise decisions, trends can accelerate an organization and lead to better results. At the same time, employees can feel more motivated and proud to work for a modern, future-oriented company.