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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a part of our everyday life, sometimes in obvious ways and sometimes not. Nowadays, there are seemingly more questions about how organizations can apply AI than answers. Even so, the benefits of using AI in commercial organizations and for learning and development are clear and we hope you will explore the webinars, blog posts or reach out to our subject matter experts to learn more.

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Mercuri International is developing unique capabilities to apply AI to commercial organizations to improve sales, sales enablement and competence development. Whether it is using predictive analytics to help sales management make decisions or using chatbots to bring conversational learning to organizations, Mercuri International sees AI as an opportunity to future proof your organization and improve sales results, today.

Why is Artificial intelligence important?

Watch our latest recording on what AI really is and how you can use AI learning to improve sales. Get insights on how you, in a practical way, can work with AI within your sales team.

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