Customer service excellence with Maersk Line

This is a series of videos based on interviews with Cary Bailey-Findley, Global Learning Manager Functional Development at Maersk Line, about the Customer service excellence program developed and successfully implemented with Mercuri International.

The videos take you through the story of how the program was developed and implemented and what the results have been for Maersk Line.

Introduction to the program
Driving the Decision – why Maersk Line decided to develop their customer service staff.
Program Goal – the aim with the program
Project Management – how the program was rolled out
Keys to Success – how the program was rolled out
Personal Involvement – the importance of personal involvement in the project
Step 1 Analysis
Step 2 Consulting
Step 3 Training
Step 4 Implementation
Step 5 Consolidation
Key Outcomes – the benefits of the program
Behavior changes seen among the staff
Comments from customers – what Maersk’s customers say
Similar Situations – things to think about if you are in a similar situation
Advice to others

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