Velux way to conquer remote selling

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At the beginning of the C19 crisis, VELUX experienced a new reality and a new set of challenges that they quickly had to adapt to stay competitive and efficient. Three challenges connected to doing business remotely were pointed out:

  • Improve the ability to do remote selling and adapt best practices
  • Identify new best practice within remote sales management​
  • Ensure field staff motivation and keep a strong focus on people management during the crisis

After collaborating with Mercuri International, Velux experienced both immediate effects as well as long term benefits from the programme. Improved sales meetings and sales team motivation, as well as a broader perspective on how to do business virtually were some of the results.

„I am truly impressed how fast Mercuri was able to help us scope and deliver a 100% virtual sales training platform during the C19 crisis for our Central and Eastern European team. We can really see it has improved our virtual sales processes and given our people a much-needed motivation boost during this difficult period.”

Marko Sladoje, Managing Director, Central and Eastern Europe

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