Philips Trusted Advisor program

This is a series of videos based on interviews with Gertjan van der Weijden, Director of Customer Service and Operations at Philips Healthcare Benelux, about the Trusted Advisor program for Service Engineers developed and successfully implemented with Mercuri International.

The Trusted Advisor program was designed to increase insight amongst the Philips Service Engineers about their impact and how they can contribute to improvements on customer satisfaction and perception of the Philips brand with their customers in the healthcare industry.  

The videos take you through the story of how the program was developed and implemented and what the results have been for Philips.  

Introduction to Philips Trusted Advisor program – Harry Jonkers, GAM Mercuri International.
Background – Background to why Philips started this project.
Why Mercuri – Why Philips chose Mercuri International as their partner.
Analysis – The analysis done to frame the project.
Consultancy – How we worked together to build the solutions.
Training – What the training included. 
Implementation – How the program was implemented.
Outcomes for the business – What has been the effect on the business.
Outcomes for the People – What has been the effect on the people.
Advice to Others – What advice Gertjan van der Weijden gives to others who have a similar situation.
Keys to Success – Some crucial factors to ensure success and results.

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